Kindy Futsal is a development program especially designed for kids aged 3, 4 and 5 years old.

The sessions have been designed to develop the motor skills of that age as well as the emotional and social aspects.

Foremost, Kindy Futsal aims to help the players develop a taste for an orientated physical activity that will guide them through a healthy lifestyle.


The lessons are divided into 2 Classes, 1. Beginners Class and 2. Intermediate Class and they organised with activities that includes a broad range of fun games and drills that will demand the involvement of all parts of the player’s body. During the lesson there is also time reserved to play a small game of Futsal.
Parents are encouraged to participate with their child during the warm up.

Some of the motor skills that Kindy Futsal focuses on are: running and jumping around obstacles, alternate feet activities, catching and throwing activities, running stopping and turning, skipping and hopping, futsal specifics: such as receiving, shooting, passing and dribbling the ball.

Some of the Social & Emotional Focus of Kindy Futsal are: following directions, recognition of limits, to understand other people’s moods and feelings, to cooperate and share, the importance of friendship and the experience of having fun while playing Futsal.


The coach is Leanne Mackaness , who has been playing and Coaching Futsal for the past few years and is fantastic with the younger kids!

Leanne’s bubbly  persona and her way with the younger kids is amazing and makes everyone feel welcome as soon as you walk into the Stadium!

Leanne also holds a level 1 coaching license from Federation of Australian Futsal and she has also Coached represented teams at the FNQ Super League as well as 5UP Futsal teams at Redlynch.

Leanne Mackaness



Kindy Futsal is played on Saturday mornings with the eginners Class starting at 9am and the Intermediate Class starting 10am.

When your child first start Kindy Futsal they will be placed into the Beginners Class and depending on how they are progressing they may be asked to move Intermediate Class if we feel they ready to move up into this class.

All Kindy Futsal classes are held at Redlynch Central Sports Stadium – 3 Chelsea Lane, Redlynch.

Kindy Futsal operates 4 terms a year.

Term 1 is from 1/2/20 to 29/03/20

Term 2 is from 2/5/20 to 20/06/20 – cancelled due to Covid 19.

Term 3 is from 25/7/20 to 12/09/20

Term 4 is from 10/10/20 to 5/12/20

  • Holidays – The program breaks up for Easter, June and September Holidays.
  • Public Holidays – no sessions are held on public holidays, unless otherwise advised
  • Student Free Days – regular timetabled sessions will be held on Student Free Days.


  • The fee structure is $12 per session, however fees are payable upfront on a term by term basis.
  • For eg. Term 3 this year has 8 weeks, therefore the term cost is $96, which is due at the beginning of the term.
  • All players must have the Kindy Futsal uniform, which consist of shirt and shorts; the fee of the uniform is $35.
  • Please note that all players must also be registered with Redlynch Central Sports Stadium to join Kindy Futsal, registration is $50 for 12 months.


If you would like to register your child for Kindy Futsal “CLICK HERE” or  please call Tony on 4039 4378 or email for further information.





3 Chelsea Lane, Redlynch
Cairns, Australia
Ph: 4039 4378

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