Basic Laws of the Game

Full laws of the game can be found here.


  • Up to 12 players can be used in one match (or as determined by League Regulations).
  • There is no limit on how long a player must stay on or off the pitch.
  • You do not need to ask the referee to stop the game to make substitutions. It is running subs, where players must enter and leave the field of play at the same time – from in the substitution zone (normally on the sideline near the bench).

Kick In

  • To restart the game after a ball has gone out of play, the ball is kicked back into play from the touchline and from corners.
  • The ball must be placed by hand onto the sideline.

The Four Second Rule

  • For all restarts of play (kick-ins, free kicks, goal clearances and corner kicks) the player in possession of the ball has 4 seconds to restart play.

  • The referee will count to 4 and make it visible for the players with their hands.

  • If play isn’t restarted within four seconds, possession is surrendered to the opposing team.

  • The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than 4 seconds in his/her own half.

The Five Metre Rule

  • Players are required to keep 5m from the player in possession of the ball on free kicks, corners, goal clearances, kick-ins and penalties.


  • Goalkeepers can come out of the penalty area and players are allowed to go into the penalty area.

  • A Goal clearance from the goalkeeper must be thrown, but the goalkeeper can use their feet to distribute the ball from open play.

Back Passes

  • Once the goalkeeper has played the ball, he/she cannot touch the ball again until it touches the opposition – in which case the goal keepers back pass will reset.

  • The goalkeeper is allowed to receive the ball in the opponent’s half unlimited times.

Red Cards

  • If a player receives a red card, that player is sent off and will have to leave the field of play.

  • The team with the red card will have to play with 4 players on the court for a total of 2 minutes, or until the opposition score a goal. If the opposition score a goal or the 2 minute elapses, the team who received the red card can send on a new player to go back to 5 players.

Accumulated Fouls

  • Each free kick will be an accumulated foul, and teams are allowed to accumulate 5 fouls in each half without further punishment.

  • Then on the sixth foul and every foul thereafter, a direct kick will be awarded to the opposing team and the defending team is not allowed to position any players (other than the goalkeeper) between the ball and the goal.

  • The kick may be taken from the 10m mark or, if the foul was committed closer to the goal than the 10m mark, then the kick may be taken from the position where the foul took place.

Mixed Competition Rules


  • Minimum number of players to start a game is 4 (including the goalkeeper)
  • There is always to be at least 2 female players and 1 male player on the court
  • Goalkeeper can be male or female – they are not counted as a court player


  • Females can score any time
  • After a male scores, a female must score
  • If a male goalkeeper, players can shoot from anywhere on the court
  • If a female goalkeeper, males can only shoot within the goal area

Hard Kicks/Shots

  • No hard kicks by any players – it will be at the referee’s discretion if it is too hard
  • Does not matter if goalkeeper is male or female
  • Does not matter if it is a shot or a pass


  • No slide tackles
  • No sliding blocks
Cairns Futsal senior player attacking